A message from Sarah Sappington:

Neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2) is a rare genetic disorder that is primarily characterized by noncancerous (benign) tumors of the nerves that transmit balance and sound impulses from the inner ears to the brain (bilateral acoustic neuromas/vestibular schwannomas). Nf2 has changed my life dramatically for reasons that I wouldn’t describe as bad. God has worked miracles that have baffled doctors. And although I have daily struggles, like not being able to work and I'm basically always dizzy and tired, I love that my diagnosis is an amazing part of my testimony that God is truly always good. I have tumors in my brain and spine. And because of where they’re located it will most likely cause many complications down the line. My hearing is one that I’m most worried about because deafness in Nf2 is common. So by raising money we are trying to find a cure for this rare genetic disorder! I’m also really proud to be donating my hair. People commented on how beautiful it is all my life. Which is so nice, but I realize that so much of feeling pretty or desired as a women, rests in my hair. So I want to challenge that. Like all woman, I have body image issues. My body has changed in ways that are hard for me since getting diagnosed because of steroids and medications. So I want to really work on body positivity and find things that I love about myself that aren’t my hair. Focus on what matters and see myself as beautiful, not from what society says is beautiful, but from my own unique way in this body that has worked so hard for me. And I’m really looking forward to some little girl being able to wear my hair. If people think it’s so pretty then they can have it! I’ll grow more! So it’s my way of giving back, but also growing as a person. And hopefully, helping others feel more confident in themselves during their own medical complications.

A message from the photographer:

Sometimes you run into people that you are just meant to be friends with, and create a journey with. It all started at a wedding I was shooting a little over 2 years ago. Will was in the wedding. Then I saw them as a couple for the first time at another wedding I was photographing. A few months later I did a giveaway for a shoot and Will and Sarah were my models. Fast forward to a year later he proposed to her, and I did their engagement photos. Here we are now capturing her journey while raising awareness for Nf2 and body positivity. I will be sharing more as she grows through this journey. I hope you stick with us! I am so excited to see Sarah transform into the amazing, confident, and beautiful woman we already know she is.