Build your own Brand Mentorships.

I am stoked about empowering others to take this career seriously and turn it from a hobby into a sustainable income or full time job.

I do mentorships a bit different. You can pick and choose what is best for you. There is no reason to pay for something you already know, or not get enough info for your money. Each mentorship starts with a basic package, and then you add to it. You can choose just the base and get the preset made and spend the rest of the 2 hrs just asking unlimited questions or you can fill that time with 1-3 of the options. Build your own mentorship.

Branding Mentorships

Base: $350 plus add ons. You can add 1-3 options.

Start here $350

  1. The base includes:
  2. 2 hour meeting online.
  3. Help identifying your future brand through inspiration boards, and color swatches. This is done pre- mentorship.
  4. Choose to either use an existing preset and I will tweak it to your desired look, or I can create a new one for you.
  5. A moldboard layout of your new brand and how to use it.
  6. Q&A

Choose from these options to add to your mentorship:

  1. Editing video of me using your new preset on different photos and lighting situations to show you how to tweak and use it properly. -$100
  2. An editing video of Lightroom education and how to use the Lightroom panels. ( great for photogs new to Lightroom) -$100
  3. Talk about how to market to your ideal client, how to price yourself for your ideal client, where to find them, and how to start booking them. -$75
  4. Camera settings/lighting and posing your clients to fit your new style. -$45
  5. Add another preset. I can make you another preset for maybe indoor or super bright light situations. -$150

How do I book it?

Decide which options best suit your needs and then click the contact button below and reach out. Let me know who you are, which package you want, and a month you would like to book a session. Let's do this! Remember a mentorship is investing in yourself and in your business, so it is a business tax write off!! Hooray!