Let's get started:

Texture and tones are extremely important. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best designed room decor focuses much more on playing upon the textures well together rather than just colors? Textures can be found in accents of clothing, accessories, or designs of clothing. Also flowy long dresses that you can grab and twist are fun. If its cold then long sweaters will do the trick. Patterns are cute but I would keep them to a minimum. If you love patterns I would wear floral or small patterns. A go-to mens color is khaki or blue.  You do not have to match these or follow this at all. It is just a fun guide to help you get the most out of your session. Below are the best colors.

Session Time

Your session starts at the agreed time. If you are more than 10min late the session time begins and you have whatever time is left when you arrive. This is due to lighting or I might have a client booked after you and can not go over the agreed time.

Outfit ideas:

Women: Roolee, Mark Ashton, Torrid, Franchescas, American Eagle, Altar'd State, Target, H&M

Dresses: Roolee, Wren and Ivory, Zara, Lulus, Altar'd State, Baltic Born

Men: Old Navy, Target, J Crew, H&M

Kids: Old Navy, Gap, Target-Cat and Jack, Jelly Beans, H&M, June and January on insta.

Photo delivery:

You will get your photos within 1 week of your session. I send everyone sneaks. They are delivered on a site called pixieset. Please do not screenshot the photos. Read the directions on the gallery about how to download or ask me. The photos are very large so you might have to download them onto a computer. NOT ALL IMAGES WE TAKE MAKE IT TO THE GALLERY DUE TO LIGHTING OR WARDROBE/HAIR MALFUNCTIONS.

Layout of a session:

Each session is different, but we are usually chasing sunset. We will move quickly from pose to pose but with direction and time to play. I'll have you do some things that might feel silly but that's how candidness is created. Trust the process. Image color varies on outfit color, weather, and location, but the general mood is always earthy tones. I will always try to put you in the most flattering poses, but let me know if you have a preferred side you want me to shoot on. Sessions are always fun, fast paced, and easy going.


The most important is to be color coordinating Try not to wear all the same color but each wear a different color that goes well. ( scroll down to the bottom for examples) Neutrals are easiest for this. Wear comfy shoes and clothes you can sit and snuggle in. Soft colors (light blue, gray, blush) or warm colors (olive green, burnt orange, burgundy), If you want colorful images, then you should choose a more vivid color scheme for your outfits! Suspenders are cute for boys and flowing dresses for girls. Bring wet wipes to wipe the kids faces and maybe an extra outfit incase they fall in the mud. NO NEON COLORS (LIME GREEN/BRIGHT PINK/BABY BLUE)

Location and Style Inspo

My clients are always welcome to come to my house. It's an experience and backdrop nobody else can have. Examples below.

Other local locations.

Outfit Examples