Great places to buy outfits:



Roolee, Mark Ashton, Torrid, Franchescas, American Eagle, Altard State, Target 


Roolee, Wren and Ivory


Old Navy, Target, J Crew, H&M

Texture and tones are extremely important. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best designed room decor focuses much more on playing upon the textures well together rather than just colors? Textures can be found in accents of clothing, accessories, or designs of clothing. Also flowy long dresses that you can grab and twist are fun. If its cold then long sweaters will do the trick. Patterns are cute but I would keep them to a minimum. If you love patterns I would wear floral or small patterns. A go-to mens color is khaki.  Below are some examples of clothes found at the recommended places and worn during sessions. You do not have to match these or follow this at all, it is just a fun guide to help you get the most out of your session. Above are also colors that go well with my style.