Melissa and Jake

Coopers Ridge

What a whirlwind of a day, quite literally. We went from sunny, cloudy, breezy, then full blown thunderstorm and a downpour of rain. But we made the most of each moment. The day was truly perfect. Jake and Melissa said their vows in a luscious green field surrounded by many friends and family. They were kind, gracious, loving, and so ready to do the dang thing, I am so honored to have captured this day.

My favorite moments

The first look was unforgettable. They had meaningful and true vows for each other. I love when the couple talks about their growth as people and as a couple in their vows, It's the most honest way to say, hey, we are two individual people coming together to make this work and we are, who we are.

My other favorite moments were at the end of the night when we were able to get some fun flash photos and Melissa was FEELING IT!!