Wedding day must haves:

Every bride needs a wedding day bag. Everyone loves to talk about your hospital bag when you have a baby, but nobody talks about the bag for your wedding day? 99% of the time you will be getting married at least an hour if not states away from your home. You can't just run home if you forget something. I want to share some of the most popular things I see brides forget or need during crunch time.

Wedding details
Wedding details Missouri wedding photographer


Bring your jewelry, earrings, bracelets, perfume, necklace, and rings. Bring an extra pair of earrings just incase one breaks or a bridesmaid needs some. Get a shoebox and put all your wedding day details for the photographer in there. your wedding invite and stationery, jewelry, shoes, bouquet charms, you're something blue, borrowed, old, and new. Place any other sentimental items you have in there. If you have a cute ring box or gift for the groom, bring that too.

If your dress has real buttons you will need a crotchet hook to button it.


Hair ties, clips, bobby pins, hair spray, makeup setting spray, and extra eyelashes if you like fake ones. Even if you have makeup and hair stylist its a great backup for you or your girls. Bring a button down shirt so you don't have to pull it over your head. Get some GOOD boob tape or "petals." You can rarely wear a bra in a wedding dress.

Even if you are not planning to be on "aunt flow" bring tampons anyways.


If you want fun photos at your exit, bring a second outfit with sunglasses and a fun hat. This is really trending. Bring comfy shoes you can DANCE in. Bring a tide stick incase someone spills. Robes are cute to get ready in, but frequently open to wide, or go to low (if you know what mean). So bring a slip or undershirt. Spanx are a nice thought for your dress but make sure they go low enough if you have an open back.


It's going to be a long day. So you might need some gum or a toothbrush. We gotta be staying fresh. We also need to stay hydrated and fed. We don't want anyone getting hangry. Get yourself a few snacks stashed away and a water. Better yet, get a personalized water bottle with a straw. Pack a Polaroid and some extra film. It's a fun way to capture the day in your own, instant way. You might party a lot or be a bit nervous, so get ahead of that with some Tylenol or a Advil. Last but not least, some bandaids for possible blisters or cuts.